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Rating Methodology

HPR Ratings are solely based on Win/Loss Ratio and Strength of Schedule, with no consideration for Goal Differential. Winning games is the primary focus, eliminating the need to "cover the spread."

KRACH Approach

The KRACH system provides a level playing field as every team starts with the same score on day one - there is no consideration given to playing for a particular club that has been good in the past. It also eliminates Goal Differential from the equation, allowing for a more balanced and player development-focused environment. Losing to cover the spread is gone - if you lose, it hurts your ranking in KRACH.

Promotes Sportsmanship

Encourages good sportsmanship by discouraging teams from running up the score to cover the spread. Coaches and parents also no longer have to worry if their coach pulls the goalie at the end of the game - losing by 1 is the same as losing by 3. The focus under HPR is back on winning games.

Fairness and Savings

HPR rewards teams that win. Period. HPR makes it harder to manipulate the rankings by only playing highly ranked teams. Other ranking systems reward playing highly ranked teams and LOSING! How crazy!

With HPR, if your child lives in a "non-traditional" hockey market, you no longer have to worry that the only way they can play on a highly ranked team is to move your child to a particular team or club in a particular geography or league. Just focus on your child getting better and focus on your child's team playing competitive games and developing. This approach potentially saves families money and creates an environment where teams can play locally without fear of dropping in rankings due to fear of covering the spread or not playing against certain teams.

HPR Goal

HPR has two goals:

  1. Keep Kids at home with their families and local clubs as long as possible. We believe HPR helps development, saves families money and is better for the players.
  2. Provide USA Hockey with an alternative ranking system for "at-large" selections for the USA Hockey National tournament.

HPR is the most fair system - everyone is on a level playing field. USA Hockey will eventually realize the fairness of HPR and it will become an important part of the National tournament.